Re: Backspace doesn't work in filename search (C-s) in xterm


> > Also M-Backspace works now as simple Backspace in command line in xterm
> >   instead of previous word deleting as before.
> to the table.  We need to find a better way to detect backspace.

Done.  correct_key_code() in key.c converts Ctrl-h and '\0177' to
Backspace and Ctrl-d to Delete.  This is done after the screen library and
the key table (i.e. Learn Keys), so the standard terminal settings and the
users preferences are fully respected.

Ctrl-h, Ctrl-d and '\0177' have been removed from other parts of the code.
ALT(XCTRL('h')) is now replaced by ALT(KEY_BACKSPACE).

Pavel Roskin

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