Re: Some patches for mc

Hi, Philipp!

> > Here are some patches for mc that SuSE has been applying for some time now
> > and which could possibly be included in the official mc:
> Any status on these?

Sorry, I'm getting much more patches than I can process.  There is a patch
manager on to make sure that the patches don't get lost:

I'm looking at your patches right now.


It's too specific to a certain device.  The menu doesn't scale well, so
it's better to have only entries useful for many users.  I don't think
I'll apply it unless the menu code is redesigned in some way.  Patch for
making the menu entries translatable is pending.  That's another reason
it's better to keep the menu short - the entries will be translated, so
every entry is additional work.


Basically the same problems - too device-specific and the Syntax file
doesn't scale well.  There is no way to switch between different highlight
modes while in the editor, so if you are editing an assembly file for some
other architecture, the highlighting will look wrong.  Besides, some
keywords are missing.  In particular, I don't see "daa" (Decimal Adjust
the contents of Accumulator).  I would be more inclined to apply a syntax
file that is complete.


I don't understand what's the point in creating any temporary files under
/tmp for sending mail.  I think the home directory is suited better for
that purpose.


You forgot to attach the script.  By the way, if Mozilla is the default
browser and the file is called "", will "x11browser" load that file in Mozilla?  If it doesn't work, please fix it

Pavel Roskin

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