Re: [PATCH]: define keyword to substitute colors in syntax files

Hello, Andrew!

> > defines.syntax:
> > define comment brown black
> >
> > sh.syntax:
> > context # \n comment
> It implemented too but requires "context default" line in the
> defines.syntax.  Attached patch must be used with today's syntax.c.
> Also defines variable should be moved to WEdit structure.

Please apply your patch.  I see that you have applied some changes
already, so it's better that you apply the rest.

It's important to get it right because some people have problems reading
brown on blue.  On the other hand, the highlighting used for Pascal is too
bright for me.  I'll be in a better position to change it to a more
traditional color scheme if the color scheme is configurable.

The defines that we need are (it's just the first approximation):

define               example in sh     example in C

comment              # Comment         /* Comment */
comment_bold         # FIXME           /* FIXME */
keyword              for               if
stdfunction          find              printf
stdtype              N/A               char
string               "abc"             "abc"
string_verbatim      'abc'             'a'
string_literal       "\n"              "%d"
variable             $abc              N/A
syntax_separator     ;                 ;
syntax_group         {                 (
syntax_operator      +                 ==
syntax_special       ;;                ->

Colors specific to the programming language (e.g. EOF for shell, new_text
for diff) should be defined at the beginning of the corresponding syntax

Pavel Roskin

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