Re: BUG: viewing compressed files

On Sun, 29 Jun 2003, Adam Byrtek / alpha wrote:

> When I press F3 on files mentioned above I get the RAW output (of
> course I'm NOT in the raw mode).
> The top status line shows:
> version 4.6.0: 8192 bytes   [grow]
> version from CVS: 7684662 bytes

I cannot reproduce this problem with CVS mc.

> In the GZ case only: when I press F8 twice, the output is correct!

It's correct for me from the beginning.

> I could examine this problem when I find some time, but maybe somebody
> (Pavel?) knows which commit could cause such a mess?

It may be the patch to show logs without precessing them through nroff.

2003-06-06  Pavel Roskin  <proski gnu org>

        * lib/ Don't run compressed logs from /var/log through
        nroff.  Suggested by Alfie Costa <agcosta gmx net>

Check if mc.ext from 4.6.0 makes the difference.

Pavel Roskin

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