Re: BUG: viewing compressed files


On Sun, 29 Jun 2003, Adam Byrtek / alpha wrote:

> Something has been broken in recent code in CVS (the following bug
> doesn't happen with 4.6.0).
> Then bugs happen with:
> - gz (only in this case I've tested this bug throughly)
> - zip compressed files
> - jpeg, png, gif
> It does NOT happen with:
> - .tgz
> - html
> Other file types not tested. Current code from CVS, no patches, fresh
> configuration files (from 4.6.0 release!).
> When I press F3 on files mentioned above I get the RAW output (of
> course I'm NOT in the raw mode).

I can add, that F4 on gzipped file opens it correctly, but leaves broken
symlink after closing the editor. This happens in mc-4.6.0-2003-06-25-17
but not in 4.6.0 version.


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