Improper presentation of control-code characters


I am talking about source code snapshots after official 4.6.0 release and the 
problem is related to internal editor.

TERM is linux (text mode).

When (in editor) I press Ctrl+Q, the "Insert Literal" dialog appears waiting 
for input: "Press any key:  __ ". Pressing the key combination Alt+8 
(backspace), the editor doesn't respond showing the "^H" as textual 
presentation of 0x08, as it was in 4.6.0, but a strange character whose code 
is 0x90.

Since it is very important to me (making bolded headers for less pager), I 
would appreciate if you could tell me if this the bug is (and how to fix it) 
or intended feature.

Best regards,

Niksa Jurinovic
niksa jurinovic de

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