Re: [PATCH] Add 'Ignore ...' buttons to error msg window


> I'm sending a patch which adds the 'Ignore', 'Ignore all', 'Ignore similar'
> buttons to error message window.
> Description
> -----------
> The error message window shows some more buttons:
> 'Ignore all' - ignore all following errors
> 'Ignore similar' - ignore "this" specific error;
>     "this" is based on error message displayed and
>     is by now (can be easily enhanced to another)
>     - 'cannot remove directory'
>     - 'cannot chown file'
>     - 'cannot cmmod file'
>     - 'cannot stat file'
>     This button is not shown for other errors.
> 'Ignore' - this is just renamed 'Skip' button, which now seems to
>     be more logical with conjunction with names of other buttons
> If error concerns only one file, the buttons 'Ignore all/similar' are
> not shown.

What about keeping current buttons, but changing 'Ignore' from 'Ignore
all' to 'Ignore similar'? That seems right the right thing to do
(without having to explain what Ignore similar means).
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