Transfer of the GNU Midnight Commander repository

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I'd like to move the repository of GNU Midnight Commander from to

The issue was discussed on the developers' mailing list
(mc-devel gnome org) and there were no objections.

The reasons as I see them are following:

1) GNU Midnight Commander is currently unrelated to the GNOME project.
Neither GNOME is required to build GNU Midnight Commander, not GNU
Midnight Commander is a part of GNOME.

2) The developers of GNU Midnight Commander and GNOME are different
people.  Permissions of the developers of GNU Midnight Commander,
including write access to the repository, should be managed in a
flexible way by the developers themselves.  Savannah provides this
facility, GNOME CVS doesn't.

3) pserver access with password is unsafe by design.  The password is
trivially encoded when it's transmitted over the network.  If more
developers get write access to the project, the risk of compromising the
code becomes unacceptable.  Unlike GNOME, it's common for GNU Midnight
Commander to be run as root, which increases the risk even more.

4) Anonymous access to the GNOME repository is provided by two servers
with the same hostname  Those servers are not always
synchronized with the master server.  Worse yet, they are not always
synchronized with each other, so "cvs update" may cause downgrading to
an older revision.  This has confused contributors more than once.

I'd like the repository to be transferred directly, but if it's not
possible, please let me know how I can download and upload it.

Once the repository is transferred, the files on the GNOME side should
be removed using "cvs remove" to preserve history, especially gmc code
needed to build old GNOME.  Only the README file should be left with a
message pointing to the new repository location.

I'm sorry for asking you to spend your precious time on this issue, but
I believe that it's the right thing to do and that it's vital for
keeping GNU Midnight Commander an active project and attracting new
developers without compromising security.

Some technical details.

GNU Midnight Commander on Savannah:

The name of the repository on both sides is "mc".

My login name is "proskin" on GNOME CVS and "proski" on Savannah.
Andrew Samoilov is "andrew" on GNOME CVS and "sav" on Savannah.
Although not critical, I would prefer those two names to be converted if
it can be done safely.

My public key can be found at
and on public keyservers.

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Pavel Roskin
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