Bug in background processing and error handling


while implementing 'Ignore ...' buttons to error messages,
I came accros a strange behaviour of
background processing + error handling.

Let's say, I want to copy many files into a directory
but don't have permission to.
In case of foreground processing, everythig is ok.

Now do the same, but send the copy job to background (in copy dialog).
The error message dialog pops up and says 'Permission denied ...', that's ok.
For now on, any user action (keypress) pops up next error window, until
all errors are gone.

I opened the background job list from menu (and closing the error window
every time). The job was marked 'Running', ok.
'Stop' button correctly stops the job, and no more errors pop up.
'Kill' (right after Stop or not) pops up 2 error windows concerning background
errors 'Background sent us a request for more arguments than we can handle'
and 'Unknown error in child'.
MC process starts to eat up the whole memory and CPU and gets killed
by OOM Kill.

'Resume' on Stopped job behaves like before Stop.

Pressing 'Abort' on first (or any) error message stops popping the
messages but the job remains background marked 'Running' and
can be killed safely.

While testing the 'Ignore all' button on error messages and background
processing, the job does not pop up any error message, but seem so
sleep. In list of bkg. jobs is marked as 'Running'.
'Stop'/'Resume' works fine, but the job canot be killed.

Assuming that any keypress will let the bkg. job continue I tried
to copy a few files (on bkg.) and then viewing the bgk. job list,
but the job remained 'Running'.

I haven't looked into background processing code, so these are only my

If desired, I will fill in bugzilla (when savannah.org will be up again).

MC version - 4.6.0 cvs 8.6.2003 (but earlier versions seem to be affected 


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