Re: A fix for the F3 /var/log bug...

On Sun, Jun 01, 2003 at 01:12:32AM -0400, Alfie Costa wrote:
> > as mc does not automatically call file -z (or uncompresses the file
> > itself), i created the wrapper /usr/local/bin/file:
> This works for you,
> but how to package it?
not at all. it's a hack.

> How does this sound:  somewhere in the 'mc' source it calls 'file' -- 
> can't we just change that so it calls 'file -z' as needed?
that's exactly what i suggested.
one thing to consider is, whether all 'file's in the wild support -z or
a configure check and optionally manual on-the-fly decompression would 
have to be done instead.

> The logic would go like:
> 1) let x = `file foo`
> 2) is foo compressed?  Goto 4.
what would these be good for?

> 3) let x = `file -z foo`
> 4) return x


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