Re: Removal of PC port

>> Can you outline some of the Cygwin changes that you want to see
>> implemented ? I have a lot of free time now since I am currently
>> unemployed and I'd like to help improve the Cygwin port.


> Recognize keyboard modifiers.  In particular, I miss Ctrl-PgUp and
> Ctrl-PgDown.  Shift with cursor arrows is also important.

Unfortunately this requires some enhancenment to Cygwin. I have prepared
a patch and will submit it later today to the Cygwin ml. Hopefully the
change will
get in before the next major version is released.

> Possibly we need Alt-F1 and Alt-F2 that would show available drives and
> the Cygwin root.  The drives should be displayed as letters, but the path
> in the panel should be /cygdrive/X, not "X:".

I have prepared a patch for this one too - will be submitting it in a day or


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