Removal of PC port


I have removed the code for native Windows support.  This code has been
broken for years and nobody cared to fix it.

Successful projects that have good Windows ports usually have a well
developed infrastructure for portability.  Most of them are written in
high-level languages (Mozilla, Qt) or have libraries specifically written
for portability (Apache).  Most importantly, those projects have
volunteers who care about the Windows port and quality of code.  I don't
see such people here.

A lot of conditional operators were polluting the code.  The code itself
was, according to the comments, a big hack.  The code pollution was
especially notable in the code for file operation, which is still very

On the other hand, mc works under Cygwin quite well.  It can already
replace Far for some uses.  I think some improvements of the Cygwin port
would be more useful than fixing the native port that never worked well.

Pavel Roskin

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