Re: [bug] three small bugs in mc (2003-06-25-17)


> When I press F4 in search results box, edit the file and then exit the
> editor, i get back to the search result box (as expected), but instead
> seeing file panels under the search result box as in old mc versions, i
> the editor screen (just the current file on which the cursor is is
> so it looks quite messy). On older mc's (4.5.55), entire active panel is
> redrawn (and the other half of screen is the editor). The same bug
> to invoking viewer
Are you running MC from screen?

> Small bug in internally handled 'cd' command:
> I have two directories:
> directory /a
> directory /a/mc-2003-06-25-17
> (and nothing more in /a)
> now if I type anywhere in bash 'cd /a/mc*' I get to directory
> '/a/mc-2003-06-25-17', since mc* is expanded to full name of the
> but if I type it into mc command line, I get nowhere and it says
> no such directory' Also commands like 'cd
> /some/dir;some_command_to_launch_there' also don't work
If you want to use wildcards, ${expressions:-or such}, you should
use '$ eval cd /a/mc*'.

> Also sometimes when I'm searching in files and press 's' (even multiple
> times) the suspend does not work and the search continues on (it get
> through about five more files before finally stopping) Note - I have a
> can it be caused by the CPU slowness?
This nappens on my P3 too :-)
Responsibility of file find dialog is in TODO, and a working patch exist.


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