mouse behavior discussion


I wonder amongst mc-users, what should the
mousewheel do in the panels?

Right now, for me, it scrolls by a page every time,
and moves the selected along with it.

This behavior I do not like, and is always the
first patch I apply to fresh cvs.

I have two questions:

1. Should mousewheel scroll_by_pages or scroll_by_line?
     (IMHO that's what that artifact panel_scroll_pages
     was originally for, although I don't know for sure.)

2. Behavior of panel->selected:
     In editor the traditional way is to have cursor
     follow mousewheel to avoid typing in wrong area
     of file after scrolling with mouse, but in a file
     listing (in all other file managers I've used),
     it stays in place while only the listing scrolls.

The adjustments are simple, but I'm not sure if others
like what it does now, and if so, why.

Maybe nobody uses mousewheel? They are so common where I
live I throw 2 button mice in garbage :)

Please reply to mailing list to help discussion on
this matter.

Cheers and thank you in advance.

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