Re: Connection status on menu bar

Something similar happened to me, but I usually have hints enabled. I think that these used to work perfectly but something changed when changing the xterm title (which should have changed nothing for console users).

Could it be a +1 or -1 thing somewhere around? It would be easier if the prople who did the patch take a look at it.

I vaguely remember that I deleted my .mc config files and then ftp and fish messages went back to the hints line (even if it was dissapeared by adding or removing the menu or keybar from the config dialog).

*8-) David

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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 12:08:16 +0100
Subject: Re: Connection status on menu bar


> I usualy have the annoying hintbar set off. However, when I use ftpfs or
> fish, connection status information is printed on the menu bar. To make It disapear
> I have to manualy refresh it (by F9 or sth else).
> I think, that when someone want to have hintbar (which is also o "status line") off
> these meassages shouldn't appear (its even more annoying than hintbar :-).
> Do you like that feature, or could it be removed?

Perhaps repainting menu bar when ftp is done
is acceptable solution?
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