Re: removing the obsolete gnome (gmc) support?


> BTW, Arpi, do you have an opinion on the best way to handle the esc key,
> as discussed recently on another list (and followups):

Nice topic... I've been fighting with it a lot in my MUA (mailer3).

I personally like (and used to) use ESC+x for special keys, since I use
mc on weird systems like IRIX and AIX too, with quite broken terminals.
So I'm against removing this feature, but it's o to make it optional.

The 1 second delay after ESC is annoying, it can make ESC+x usage unusable
(esp. on slow connections) whiel it's still too long to make ESC key usable.

Btw, if we're on this.
I've added codes for ESC+SHIFT+0..9 for accessing F10..F19 keys from
broken terminals in AMC years ago. It turned out to be very usful, but
works well only on english keyboard layout.
(as the signs on number keys are different on other layouts, so
ESC+SHIFT+4 sends ESC '$' on english keyb, but ESC '!' on hungarian
which is SHIFT+1 on english so mc understand it as F11...)
I'm about porting this (along the others, i have 180k patch of things to be
ported) to 4.6.x tree, but maybe we should make it somehow configurable.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Developer of MPlayer, the Movie Player for Linux -

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