xterm_title and cwd

I see a similarity in the two hacks - you know all the
code-hours put into this crazy xterm-title patch could
be accomplished with like three lines of shell script.
And I was introducing threading routines for this!!!
I think the original update_xtt is elegant and useful.
To introduce 50 lines of code for a shell-tweak may
indeed be overkill (as everyone has alluded to before).
The same way that a couple of shell scripts are included
with the distribution for the cwd thing - why not include
the same thing for the restore_xtt? Package it up nice with
a little HOWTO text file in an obvious place (to cover
a question/workaround like the one that was just posted
to the mc-devel list: msg00098.html). The HOWTO
could even contain a link or two to things like:

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