mcview man page

mcview man page attached (mostly for Debian package of mc I'm
polishing up - Debian policy strongly recommends manpage for every
binary). It is based mainly on mcedit(1). 

Andrew could you check it and put this into cvs if it's good?


  _.|._ |_  _.    : Adam Byrtek, alpha@(|
 (_|||_)| |(_|    : gg 1802819, pgp 0xB25952C0
     |            : jid
.TH mcedit 1 "14 January 2003"
mcedit \- Midnight Commander's internal file viewer.
.B mcview
file [-bcCdfhstVx?]
Mcedit is a link to 
.B mc,
the Midnight Commander, forcing it
to immediately start its internal viewer and open
.I file
.I "\-b"
Forces black and white display.
.I "\-c"
Force color mode on terminals where 
.B mcview
defaults to black and white.
.I "\-C <keyword>=<FGcolor>,<BGcolor>:<keyword>= ..."
Used to specify a different color set, where 
.I keyword 
is one of normal, selected, marked, markselect, errors,
reverse menu, menusel, menuhot, menuhotsel and gauge. The colors
are optional and are one of black, gray, red, brightred, green,
brightgreen, brown, yellow, blue, brightblue, magenta,
brightmagenta, cyan, brightcyan, lightgray and white.
See the 
.B Colors 
section in 
.B mc.1
for more information.
.I "\-d"
Disables mouse support.
.I "\-f"
Displays the compiled-in search paths for Midnight Commander files.
.I "\-t"
Used only if the code was compiled with Slang and terminfo: it makes
the Midnight Commander use the value of the 
variable for the terminal information instead of the information on
the system wide terminal database
.I "\-V"
Displays the version of the program.
.I "\-x"
Forces xterm mode.  Used when running on xterm-capable terminals (two
screen modes, and able to send mouse escape sequences).
The default colors may be changed by appending to the
\fBMC_COLOR_TABLE\fP environment variable. Foreground and
background colors pairs may be specified for example with:

The help file for the program.
The default system-wide setup for the Midnight Commander, used only if
the user lacks his own ~/.mc/ini file.
Global settings for the Midnight Commander.  Settings in this file are
global to any Midnight Commander, it is useful to define site-global
terminal settings.
.\"Terminal databases"
User's own setup. If this file is present then the setup is loaded
from here instead of the system-wide startup file.
This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation. See the built-in
help of the Midnight Commander for details on the License and the lack
of warranty.
The latest version of this program can be found at and on the
mirrors listed on the GNOME site
mc(1), mcedit(1)
Bugs should be reported to mc-devel gnome org

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