Re: Tmp name incorrect


Quoting "René J. Blokland" <reneb cistron nl>:

> Hi, Just found a strange problem with MC cvs-current
> Open a remote  ftp site and pressing enter on a tar.gz or tar.bz2 file mc
> opens the file perfect.
> But if the file has an extension like jpg, in my case xv tries to open a
> 'tmpname' that does not exists in /tmp/mc-username/localcopyblabla.jpg
> But 2 copy's of that file (size) are present at the moment within that dir 
> but with a different temp_name!
> I have seen the same with a blabla.mp3

It's a known problem and it's present in the TODO file

"Click on a png image doesn't always work on remote vfs - local copy may
be deleted before the application has time to load it."

Perhaps the TODO item should be rephrased - the problem is more generic than it

Pavel Roskin

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