Fwd: pre2 problem with gcc option


Forwarded by request of the author.
Please look at it - it should be trivial (but not over v32terbo :-)).
Maybe this option breaks ABI compatibility - then it's not a bug.

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    Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 17:03:20 -0500 (EST)
    From: Harka Steinhart <harka eskimo com>
 Subject: pre2 problem with gcc option
      To: proski gnu org

Hi there,

I downloaded MC/pre2 and found an apparent bug after compiling it:

When compiled with -mdouble-align, MC does not funtion correctly, namely
all file sizes are displayed the same (some number like 16000G) and
viewing, editing or anything else does not work (file empty etc.). It is
specifically this option that causes the problem...I tracked it down by
adding one option at a time and no problems until this one. Took it back
out again...no problem.

This is what I am using: Slackware 8.1 (upgraded to --current), 2.4.19,
gcc 3.2.1, glibc 2.3.1, and I am using these compiler-options:

CFLAGS=-march=pentium-mmx -mcpu=pentium-mmx -funroll-all-loops
-fno-exceptions -fomit-frame-pointer -malign-double -mmmx -O3

If you can take a look at this, I'd appreciate it. Btw., thanx for working
on MC...it's my favorite program :-)

Happy New Year!


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Pavel Roskin

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