Re: small M-o issue

Hi Pavel,

> > I very much prefer the "old" behavior  (4.5.51) of the M-o key, i.e.
> > opening the directory on which you are standing in the other panel, over
> This should work for you:
> M-o Tab Enter

Not yet. I actually used to type a couple of M-o in a row. Now the following 
is equivalent to the old M-o :
M-o Tab Enter Tab down

> What if Quick View is modified to show the current directory on the other
> panel?  I think it would be more logical.

That would be very nice indeed, and also consistent with the behavior of F3. 

After a quick look at the code, this seems to be somewhat difficult to 
implement though. 
Probably view_init in view.c could be hacked, to check if a  direcotory or 
link is selected and call 
   do_panel_cd (opanel, selection (cpanel)->fname, cd_exact) 
if appropriate. But I am not sure if this is enough. Would view_callback or 
view_hook need tuning as well? What happens if tab is pressed? 


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