Re[2]: QNX 6.2 patch


Thank you! BTW, I have packaged mc-4.6.0 in QPR (QNX Package Installer
files). Do you want me to send you a copy to put it on download site ?

Also I have subbmitted this package to QSS's "QNX 3-rd Party Software
CD", which ships with QNX Momentics 6.x. This CD contains public
software with sources.

>> - zombie processes when mcview or mcedit is started
>> - provides correct detection of modifiers pressed in console (shift, ctrl, alt)
>> - allows browsing QNX 6.x packages (qpr and qpk) as tar/gz archives

PR> I've applied your patch except the zombie fix (it needs a more generic
PR> approach).  Thank you!
Like what ? Making a wrapper function for pclose() or smth like that ?
I haven't discovered deeply why those zombie processes occure, but
I'll try to find what happens.


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