Re: [PATCH]: Locale's abbreviated month & vfs


> > 	* vfs.c (is_localized_month): New function for locale's
> > 	abbreviated month name as any 3 bytes long string without digits
> > 	and control characters.
> > 	(vfs_parse_filedate): Fallback to is_localized_month() if
> > 	is_month() and is_dos_date() fail and set date to Jan 1 1970.
> > 	(vfs_parse_ls_lga): Use is_localized_month().
> >
> Commited to CVS.

Thank you.

>  What about backward search feature in the internal viewer?

If you have code that you like, then commit it.  I trust you to make this
decision.  Just write to the list about your commit - it's a serious
change that affects end users.

If you are not sure, post the patch to savannah and to the list for

Pavel Roskin

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