RE: [Patch #1093] User Menu localization

Does ease count? Even if comes from gettext
it's just a tiny change that it needs. Cost is very, very low.

Second try: would you like/accept reusing the sed script to
make a dummy C file which could be scanned in a traditional way?

*8-) David

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Subject: [Patch #1093] User Menu localization

Patch #1093 has been updated. 

Category: None
Status: Open
Summary: User Menu localization


Date: 2003-Feb-18 01:36
By: proski

I agree that localization of the menu needs to be taken care of, but I disagree with this approach. comes from gettext and changes between versions.  Either we should use a documented hook, or the menu should be converted to a C file and scanned just like all other files.

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