Re: Usability issue - error dialog


> Error dialogs (for example 'File exists' dialog) are displayed in red,
> and the hotkeys are NOT highlighted, so the user don't know which key
> to use. One could easily confuse 'Append' (P hotkey) with 'Abort' (A
> hotkey).
> Maybe we should display corresponding hotkeys in yellow?

Yes, something needs to be done about it.  Right now, there is only one
color allocated specifically for error messages.  I've added this to the
TODO list.

The problem is that the current code doesn't scale well.  Every time you
add a new color, the translations need to be updated (look for
"print_color_usage" in main.c).  A better solution would be to move colors
to mc.lib and remove the complete listing from the executable.

Pavel Roskin

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