Re: contrib directory badly needed

> Now there is a "Patches" section on the mc BTS, so the situation is a
> lot better. 

I don't think so - it has a different purpose. Savannah account is a 
temporary storage for patches that are to be discussed and eventually 
either applied or rejected. What is needed, however, is a permanent 
storage for things that are not in mc but live their own parallel 

> Supplying patches with official source is not a good thing
> - it would look like we support them

I do not suggest to include them in the distribution. Just give them 
a prominent and permanent space to live on the mc web site (or 
linked from it).

> Moreover when somebody wants to publish his patch - he could do this
> on his homepage. 

Not everyone has one, and it's nearly impossible to find something 
specific if the storage is not centralized (unless you know exactly
the name of the thing you're looking for).

> However 'contrib' dir would be a great thing for add-ons like
> mc-burner or some special vfses.


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