Re: MC burner


Please set up your mail program to wrap long lines.  I must do it
manually to quote you.

> I've written a CD burner menu extension for MC. It consists of the menu
> file (of course) and a bash script sourced from the menu. I know it's
> quite simple and not well integrated into MC, but it works well and it's
> (more or less) feature full.

Maybe we need a directory for contributed changes that don't integrate
well into the main codebase.

> This stuff supposes that you have a correct cdrecord config (correctly
> set up cdrecord.conf with default scsi device and speed
> (/etc/default/cdrecord.conf in debian))

That's the reason why it's unsafe to add such things to the default menu.

> I know you rejected a cd burner patch from someone else some time ago.
> The reason was that we should wait for some API change to implement the
> extension as a plugin.

Wrong.  It wasn't a patch.  It was a tarball with modified sources.

> The last entry of the menu doesn't belong to cd burning but it was
> extremely useful for me.

I really don't like your approach to making releases by creating a tarball
and excluding CVS files.  You are promoting a bad practice.  The releases
of GNU software are done by running "make distcheck".

Pavel Roskin

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