Re: mouse behavior discussion

Hello, Mike!

> I wonder amongst mc-users, what should the mousewheel do in the panels?

For your information, mc-users live at mc gnome org   Anyway, your
question is relevant here.

> Right now, for me, it scrolls by a page every time, and moves the
> selected along with it.
> This behavior I do not like, and is always the first patch I apply to
> fresh cvs.

I remember that there was an attempt to fix it by allowing the cursor to
be off-screen, but I didn't like that patch, so it was dropped.

> I have two questions:
> 1. Should mousewheel scroll_by_pages or scroll_by_line?
>       (IMHO that's what that artifact panel_scroll_pages
>       was originally for, although I don't know for sure.)

I'm not against scrolling by lines if somebody comes with an idea (better
yet - working implementation) how to make it in an intuitive way.

panel_scroll_pages only affect the behavior of mc when the scrolling is
done by lines and the cursor reaches either boundary of the displayed part
of the list.

> 2. Behavior of panel->selected:
>       In editor the traditional way is to have cursor
>       follow mousewheel to avoid typing in wrong area
>       of file after scrolling with mouse, but in a file
>       listing (in all other file managers I've used),
>       it stays in place while only the listing scrolls.

I don't see any question here.

> The adjustments are simple, but I'm not sure if others like what it does
> now, and if so, why.

There was only one person concerned enough to make a patch, yet the patch
was wrong.  Older versions, including 4.5.55, don't support mouse
scrolling at all, and I don't remember any complaints.

> Maybe nobody uses mousewheel? They are so common where I live I throw 2
> button mice in garbage :)

Not everybody uses mouse when working with text interface.

Pavel Roskin

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