RE: configure problem


On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Vlad geekizoid com wrote:

> But after a subsequent cvs update -APCd, and it refreshed, it
> dies again as it did before.

It looks like a problem with the sed expression, and it's fixed in CVS.
You need revision 1.45.  Please note that the anonymous CVS is run on
several servers (currently and, and still has revision 1.44 as I'm writing this.
is up to date.

If you use, you can see the files being replaced with
older revisions when resolves to the server that doesn't
have the revision you have from another server.

The problem is not new.  I'll raise the issue with GNOME sysadmins.  If
they don't fix the problem, the mc CVS will move to

Please use this CVS root for now:

:pserver:anonymous 138 100 8 6:2401/cvs/gnome

Use following commands to avoid the new checkout:

echo ":pserver:anonymous 138 100 8 6:2401/cvs/gnome" >newroot
find -name Root -exec cp newroot {} \;
rm newroot

> This is quite odd, not only did adding that tell me 0115, but then configure
> ran the rest of the way (almost) and ended with:
> ./configure: line 7953: syntax error near unexpected token `;'
> ./configure: line 7953: `    ;;'

That's much more serious than the problem with because
configure is distributed with the release.  However, my testing on FreeBSD
4.6.2 didn't exhibit this problem.  I was using a tarball, not CVS.

Pavel Roskin

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