Re: [PATCH] paste external command output

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, [iso-8859-2] Micha? Szwaczko wrote:

> I crafted a little patch for mc-4.5.55 The only thing it does is let you
> paste output of a command (basically anything that produces output when
> run from shell) to the internal editor. Merge it or burn it ;-) or
> criticize if you find it lousy.

But what's the point in improving an old version?  mc-4.6.0 doesn't have

Also, adding new keys to the emacs map should be done very cautiously.
Do you know what Alt-u (or M-u) does in emacs?  If you checked this and
believe that your binding should be used for emacs emulation, then please
mention that.

I'm not against the idea of your patch, but you are leaving a lot of work
to other people.

Pavel Roskin

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