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I added this by hand.  Those definition don't override definitions for
arrows without shift.  There is no need to make sequences of Shift-Left
and Left keys the same.  You can have more than one sequence for the same

As a side note, perhaps it better to reverse the strings to indicate that
it's the sequence that is unique, not the key:

"\e[D"=left   # Left
"\e[d"=left   # rxvt Shift-Left
"\e[2D"=left  # xterm Shift-Left

> What is my problem? X is fine. I can assign different escape sequences 
> to keys to an X terminal I run MC in and JED in. However, you can't do 
> that on a Linux console. You assign escape sequence to all of your 
> Linux terminals. Then, you get conflicts between programmes that use 
> ioctls to get keyboard modifiers (e.g. MC) and programmes that rely on 
> escape sequences (e.g. JED).

This trick should work on the console too.  I know, it's not intuitive.

> > On the other hand, rxvt and xterm already distinguish those keys, so maybe
> > we can simply extend the "Learn Keys" dialog and make it more reliable (so
> > that nobody could e.g. assign the same sequence to PgUp and Ctrl-PgUp).
> You hit the nail on the head here. That would be nice. I just don't 
> like those ioctls for judging whether a modifier was pressed. 

You are confusing two issues here.  ioctls are useful because without them
users would be forced to redefine their keymaps.  It may be OK for you,
but not for an average user, who has no time to tweak every program.

On the other hand, using ioctls are the sole means to tell Shift-Left from
Left is wrong.  I'd rather have this in my .mc/ini:


I think I'll add it if it's not very hard.  As for the GUI, I don't know.  
There are too many little nuances that are hard to represent on screen
without confusing some users.

I even remember a user reporting that the keypad plus cannot be learned 
even though it worked already!

If I put those shifted keys to mc.lib, power-users like you will find
them, and they will work at least on some popular terminals by default, 
even without X support.  That should be a good first step.

Pavel Roskin

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