Re: Survey for all GNU Midnight Commander users

> So far, mcserv and the directory tree got no votes.  The Windows port and
> the background operations got 2 votes each.  Its interesting because the
> background code crashes for me (try overwriting a file in the background),
> but I didn't get a single bugreport about it.


--- background.c
+++ background.c
@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ background_attention (int fd, void *clos
     /* Handle the call */
     if (type == Return_Integer){
-	if (have_ctx)
+	if (!have_ctx)
 	    switch (argc){
 	    case 1:
 		result = (*(int (*)(int, char *))routine)(Background, data [0]);

It was a guaranteed segfault on any message from the background process.  
The bug was in the code since January 1999 - for more than 3 years, and
nobody has reported it, as far as I remember.  Well, I can imagine that
the users copying from ftp would always use a separate directory.

A user of the tree has been found, so the remaining question is whether 
anybody uses mcserv.

Pavel Roskin

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