Re: out of curiosity question


> following issue that i never understood correctly. i run mc for a many
> years now. i have 'compute totals' enabled (from what i recall this
> option was meant to calculate e.g. drive space etc.)
> now when i select ONE directory to delete it immediately starts deleting
> it. but when i start selecting TWO and more directories it starts to
> count again. maybe i am getting something wrong here but is there a real
> need to have MC going through all dirs for nothing only to get the
> question asked at the end if you want to delete the stuff ?

That's another bug that has been sitting there for years.  Look for
yourself.  panel_operate() in src/file.c:

int panel_operate (...)
    int only_one = (get_current_type () == view_tree) ||
                   (panel->marked <= 1);
    if (only_one) {
        /* No panel_compute_totals() here */
    } else {
        /* Many files */
        if (operation != OP_MOVE && verbose && file_op_compute_totals) {
            panel_compute_totals (panel, &ctx->progress_count, 

Want to fix it?

Pavel Roskin

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