Re: [PATCH] interface responsiveness

Hello, Jindrich!

Thank you for your patch!  I'm sorry that your previous patch went
unnoticed by anybody.

Is it possible to split this patch into logically independent parts?  
Otherwise it would take me days to understand, let alone test.

It would be great if you give the details how to test your changes.  Take 
for example that single line you added to dlg.c.  When does it matter?  
How do I see the difference?

Please don't use C++ comments in your patch.  Midnight Commander should 
compile even with strict compilers that don't allow such comments.

I'm surprized that you added event handling to file.c.  Actually, there is 
similar code in filegui.c, function check_progress_buttons(), but I don't 
understand why that code is needed there.  Maybe frontend_run_dlg() could 
be changed to support a "one shot" mode instead of speading that code all 
over the sources?

Pavel Roskin

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