Re: Re[2]: [PATCH] edit.c, init_dynamic_edit_buffers (was Re[2]: CR/LF translation)


> Maybe for 4.6 we can apply a very simple and harmless patch which I
> attached.
> It does the following:
> 1. All reads and writes will be in binary mode, so  DOS encoded files
> corruption under cygwin will be fixed
> 2. CR  will become visible as ^M and editable, exactly the same way as in
> vi.

I have applied this patch.  Sorry that it took a while.

By the way, I'm sure that somebody will the scared by the black ^M and
will report it as a bug :-)

We probably can do the same thing with other non-printable characters to
be more consistent with "less".  Black dots are not very descriptive.

Pavel Roskin

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