Re: Just got mc-4.6.0-pre1

> >That's very interesting.  You seem to be under impression that termcap is
> >not being phased out.  Your original understanding was correct, but what
> >was the reason to doubt it?
> >
> Well, the comings and goings of linux can be confusing
> at times.  You said that --with-terminfo was dead, and I
> thought that you meant you weren't supporting it anymore,
> but I guess you meant that it's the default.

That's a great relief.  I thought something is wrong with the 

In fact, the default didn't change.  The default is (may be not 100%
correct, I'm not checking it now):

with ncurses - let ncurses decide
with external S-Lang - let S-Lang decide, don't force using termcap
with included S-Lang - use terminfo if terminfo database is found

The option --with-terminfo was essentially an equivalent of
--with-included-slang, so that the usage of terminfo was "guaranteed" if
the terminfo database was present.

Since the side effect (switching to the included S-Lang) exceeded the
intended effect by far (ncurses and S-Lang almost certainly use terminfo
now, in year 2002), I decided to remove this option as useless, confusing
and effectively duplicate.

Another reason, as I said, was that I saw somebody using --with-termcap
and --with-terminfo in the same time, and the effect was that termcap was 
used, so --with-terminfo wasn't guaranteeing anything.

Pavel Roskin

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