Re: [PATCH] mc CVS port to glib 2.0

On Thu, 2002-09-12 at 20:43, Pavel Roskin wrote:

sorry for the delay, i just came back home from a business trip

> I'm all for using the latest software, but there are several reasons
> why glib 2 is not used:
> 1) I don't know how to support both 1.2 and 2.0, so glib-1.2 support
>    will have to be be dropped.

well if there is a possibility to ask a condition in then
this will easily work. please look at my new patch. maybe we can find a
nice clean way to do things like this

if found glib2.0 then use glib2.0 else use glib1.2 or --enable-glib2 as
configure flag, this skips glib 2.0 stuff.

> 2) glib 2.0 requires pkgconfig, which needs to be compiled.  It's one
>    more hurdle for those who have no glib at all.

right but probably you as developer don't care for this because those
who have glib 2 installed usually have pkgconfig installed too. those
dealing with glib 2 probably uses gnome 2 anyways.

> 3) We are in the prerelease stage, it's late to do such radical steps,
>    unless there are very serious reasons.

make more people happy :) look at my patch it's probably a good
agreement for the upcomming 4.6.0 release. only if you don't mind adding
a --enable-glib2 condition check for the glib 1.2 stuff.

> 4) Nobody have actually done anything (so far) to support glib-2.0.

look patch.

> 5) As far as I know, glib 1.2 and 2.0 can be installed on the same
>    system without problems.
> > the advantage of using glib 2.x is it makes the requirement of using
> > AM_GNU_GETTEXT obsolete you can replace it by using
> > AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT and use the functions provided by glib 2.0 for
> > the future it is easier having a unified system that works with all
> > kind of gettext versions.
> I'm now reading glib-gettext.m4 from the CVS head version of glib and
> cannot find what you are describing.  Could you tell me the line
> numbers in that file where the "unified system" is implemented?

yes but on the otherhand the people developing glib 2.0 had some
thoughts in mind while implementing that feature maybe you like to throw
an eye on that. i just saw that you do some more hardcode stuff
supporting differnt gettext versions in the mc codebase (i am not 100%
sure since i looked over the code quickly).. besides mentioned that i
don't understand every aspect of it.

> Upgrading to everything new would be easier if it would not break
> anything else.

break what ?

> Have you tried "make disctcheck" with it?
> Why did you comment out AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR?  If it doesn't work, then
> I'll rather wait until it's fixed.

i commented it out because i had some issues with the intltool scripts.
they got copied into the config dir and wasn't found by the makefile. as
i said it was a just quick dirty hack that i made that for sure needed
some more investigations.

please look at the glib2.0 patch that i post now in the new mail its
checked clearly and works for me tm.

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science
E-Mail..: mailto:ali akcaagac stud fh-wilhelmshaven de

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