Re: help file, is it correct?

Hello, Marco!

> I read from /doc/ help file:
> >Layout
> [...]
> >On the Linux or SCO console you can specify how many lines are shown in
> >the output window.
> Is it correct? And how is it possible to do it?

Not only that, but you also can do it on patched rxvt with so called rxvt 

> I think this cound be erased all together...

Not only does it work, but when I broke it, the bug was reported within 
days, not years :-)

It works by capturing parts of the screen using OS-specific API.  mc
cannot do it in plain xterm or rxvt, because it can only switch the whole
buffer, and there is no way to read from it.

This is a very nice feature.  I don't use it because I mostly use
unpatched rxvt or konsole.  I hope that some day mc will have its own 
internal terminal, then this feature will be available on all terminals.

If I find the patch for rxvt, I'll put it here:

Pavel Roskin

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