Hi, Andrew!

> * ALL_LINGUAS should be defined unconditionally.
> Why did you do this change again.  It was a single way to exclude some 
> unneeded po files from distribution.  LINGUAS is documented, but it does 
> not work.

Why do you want to exclude something from the distribution?  I think that
the distribution as created by "make dist" should not depend on how the
source was compiled.

LINGUAS works for me - it determines which translations to install.

> Another question.  mc now use blue color for menu titles and hotkeys 
> instead of yellow.  Is it side effect or it is your desigh?

It is a deliberate change, not a side effect:

2002-08-23  Pavel Roskin  <proski gnu org> 

        * text.c (default_edition_colors): Use more rxvt-friendly color
        for dhotnormal.

With the colors used by rxvt, it is very hard for me to read yellow text
on light-gray background.  I know that the color vision of different
people is different (and the monitors are different), but I had my color
vision tested, and I know that it's within norm.  I believe that many
other people may have the same problem.

I believe that nobody should be forced to change colors in rxvt or in mc 
just to be able to read the headers.

Those who want fancy colors should be able to tune mc and the terminal.  
It is already possible in ~/.mc/ini.  Probably it's better to have
reference colors in mc.lib, so that users could use those settings as the

I also think that we need a more flexible approach to the color
allocation.  Then it will be possible to add much more separate settings
without running out of the color pairs.  In other words, the color for the
title and the color for hotkeys on unfocused buttons would be different
settings, but they would be using the same color pair if the colors are
the same.

Maybe mc should just allocate all possible 128 color pairs and reuse them
instead of allocating new pairs.  By the way, once we do it, it will be
trivial to show color in the "output lines" on the Linux console.

Pavel Roskin

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