Re: bug report a very small bug)


On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, Marco Ciampa wrote:

> mc cvs version.
> If you change options/configuration/advanced choWn, simply nothing
> happens (option seems to be not working).

You are right, and I think it never worked.  This bug has been present for 
years, but you are the first person to notice.  This shows that mc have 
never been fully tested for compliance with its own documentation.

I think I'll simply remove this option.

By the way, "Advanced chown" is a misnomer, since it doesn't understand 
suid, sgid and sticky bits, unlike normal "Chown".  "Retarded chown" would 
be a better name :-)

We need a really advanced "Change permissions" dialog that would replace 
"Chmod", Chown" and "Advanced chown" and offer functionality from each of 

Pavel Roskin

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