Re: hardcoded /tmp instead of TMPDIR

> > Unfortunately, the amount of the requires changes make it unrealistic to
> > implement this proposal before 4.6.0.
> If help is provided do you think it can be achieved ?

The coding is not a problem.  Remove all pipes and all redirections from
pwd, put pwd after kill, "dissolve" synchronize() in feed_subshell() and
make sure to stop on the newline when reading the current directory.

Making the subshell work after that "surgery" will be a problem.  Making
it work well will be a big problem.  The code is very fragile.  The
subshell code has many little glitches that most users are accustomed to.
For example, some users expect to press Ctrl-O and see the program output
in the prompt.  It's a bug, but some users may think that it's a feature.

Right now, the prompt is read when the code outside subshell.c decides to
read it.  We may need to change it.  The prompt should be read when it
comes from the shell.  Actually, I hope that the prompt loading won't have
to be changed at this stage if we read the pwd output byte-by-byte.

If somebody provides the code that works at least with some subshells, it 
will certainly help.

Pavel Roskin

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