Re: hardcoded /tmp instead of TMPDIR


> Do you see any way to use AF_INET sockets at all ? I think it is not 
> possible - where is the shell going to redirect the output of 'pwd' ?

We can always make a small helper application and put it to the same
directory as cons.saver.  By the way, I forgot using a regular file in the
temporary directory - that would be really simple.  We may have some
sharing problems, so in the worst case that file will have to be opened
and closed every time.  Unfortunately, writing to a file means extra disk
activity in many cases.

Another solution - use some predefined token on stdout.  In other words, 
replace pwd with something like:

echo "Attention mc pid 1923: "; pwd; echo " mc pid 1923 done"

Scanning for tokens will take some time in mc, but that would be the most 
portable solution, and it will be useful for bash and zsh as well.

Pavel Roskin

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