Re: Included S-Lang updated to 1.4.5


> > I have updated the S-Lang library included with the mc
> > sources to the version 1.4.5.
> Stupid question, but does this also mean there are no differences
> between the included and a system (without UTF-8 support) 1.4.5
> S-Lang ?

There is some difference.  The included library used glib for memory 
allocation and replacement functions.

Another difference is that you can choose between termcap and terminfo
databases at the build time.  Maybe even at runtime (-t option), although
I didn't test it, and I know that if it's broken, nobody would report it.

> What would you recommend if I have 1.4.5 without UTF-8 support ?
> --with-screen=slang ?


Pavel Roskin

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