Re: Documentation for Norton Commander

On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 01:49:56PM +0100, consultant12 wrote:
> I have just started a contract at Siemens in Ulm, Germany.
> They are using Norton Commander.
> Unfortunately it is a German version.
> There is no documentation in any language.
> All relevant books appear to be out of print.
> I would be most grateful if any one could either send me some documentation
> in English or suggest from where I might get some.

 Hey! It's not April 1st yet. I started out writing a helpful reply but
I had a nagging suspicion something was wrong... :-)

 NC5 is avaiable on a number of abandonware sites. It's not legal

//Björnen. bjorn bjornen nu | | [aka. mdeans algonet se]

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