Re: DOS syntax script

Hello Pavel,

> The tradition is that unknown words are not highlighted, the keywords are
> yellow, not white, and the comments are be brown.  Applied with those
> changes.
ok, np (however, brown on blue is not very easy to read - and comments are
usually the most often read part of code)

I know that this could be unimportant topic but: wouldn't it make sense to
introduce some sort of categories that would be used instead of explicit
colors ? This could make the higlighting better customizable.
For instance, I usually use the green color for comments and white for
keywords; if I had those categories, I would just specify (perhaps by
changing the config file) that I want to use my customized profile with one
assignment of colors to categories, and other users could use their own or
the default.
So if this is not too difficult to implement, it would be really nice.


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