Re: Speeding up VFS - no more mc_stat("..")


> This is the third part of the Pavel's patch that speeds up VFS.
> ".." now is not accepted to the directory list even if VFS layer
> returned this one.

You make it sound like you are posting my patches posthumously :-)

> > If there is no ".." in the directory list, then a fake ".." is added.  
> > However, mc will no longer go up the hierarchy to find the size of the
> > ".." directory.
> >                                                                               
> > So, it you have an account of a system foo and your home directory is bar,     
> > then going to /#sh:foo/home/bar/subdir won't cause mc to get the listing       
> > of all users under /home.

Correct.  I've applied your patch with minimal changes (some further
checks in handle_dirent are not needed now).

Pavel Roskin

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