Re: bug?


> I have tried to run MC under KDE 3.0.0-10 shell, and there seems to be a bug. 
> When I press "PgUp", the character "H" appears at the command line, and "F" 
> appears after presing "PgDn".
> When running MC under GNOME, there is a visual bug when viewing binary files 
> and scrolling down (some characters change into another). I can send a 
> screenshot, if you want.

It's strange that you could figure out version of KDE, but not the version
of MC.  It's quite common that users don't report version of MC, as if all
the versions are the same.  It's a mistery for me.  Maybe there is
something that could be fixed so that users could easier figure out the
version of GNU Midnight Commander?

I tried and could not reproduce this problem with the CVS version of MC
and Konsole 1.0.2 from KDE 2.2.2 in the default configuration.  However, I
could reproduce it after setting the keyboard in the Konsole menu to
VT420PC or vt100.

The value of TERM is "xterm" regardless of keyboard settings, even if I
save them and restart Konsole.  But the output of Home and End changes to
\E[H and \E[F respectively.

I'll check Konsole from KDE 3.0 later today.  If it uses non-standard
sequences in the default configuration, then it's worth working around.  
Otherwise it's not.

You can use "learn keys" in the MC menu to define the keys.  Of course, if
you are using a version where they work properly :-)

Pavel Roskin

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