Re: ximian patches

Hello, Nerijus!

> Maybe some of them should be applied?

Have you read those patched?  I think the answer is obvious in most cases.


mc-4.5.35-xtermcolor.patch-1 - absolutely not.  We have the right fix for
color detection in CVS, and the whole list was removed a week ago.

mc-4.5.36-mimekeys.patch-1 - GNOME-only, cannot be applied.

mc-4.5.51-gnome-editor.patch-1 - GNOME-only.

mc-no-string-inlines.patch-1 - I see no reason to disable string 
optimization.  There is no comment why it should be done.



Those two patches move from /etc to /etc/mc.  It should now be 
possible without patching anything, just by giving arguments to make.

For that matter, the whole idea of is wrong.  MC is a utility 
for users, and root has no business editing for them.  All that 
stuff should eventually go to the local config file.

Pavel Roskin

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