Re: FTP with non-root home

Hi, Rene!

> Hi Pavel! or solution no (4 Use Control X a You get a list in which you
> can find the Dir you want to use. Move the cursor on to that item an
> press enter. Now is is ok and add this link to your bookmarks and you'r
> ok! A nice thing to the FAQ! I can live with it! and is a quick solution
> because you have to do this seldom.

I think that's essentially the solution 2, but instead of calling
mc_chdir() the second time with the adjusted directory, we tell the user
to do it by hand.

My experience shows that users who have their questions answered in the
FAQ rarely (if ever) read it before asking in the mailing list.  It's
easier (hopefully, I haven't tried yet) to implement two step mc_chdir()  
than to reply everybody who asks.

I believe the current behavior is a bug, and it should be fixed rather 
than documented.

Pavel Roskin

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