Re: mc-4.5.55 is now part of the Cygwin net distribution

Hey, Alex :)

> I think it will be a very good idea to port the latest snapshot.

I've downloaded it and compiled it last night.. Looks good so far. One
problem though which i don't see in 4.5.55 - when displaying a directory listing
the parent dir (..)
MTime is incorrect - Jan 1 1970

> I built MC from snapshot about 3 months ago and I was having the following
> problems:
> 0. regex.c - fixed by me

Are you changes in the current CVS ? Could you give some more details ?
There were changes some months ago in the Cygwin regex functions.

> 1. subshell dies after few Ctrl-O, then mc dies. It happens very quickly
> under rxvt or xterm, but if started from DOS box, it works for quite a
> while, but then it still eventually dies.
> I doubt this is a cygwin problem, because the well known unix  "screen"
> works under cygwin without any problems, although it also uses pty's.
> Maybe
> it is a good idea to see the sources of screen and find out how the
> subshell
> must be done.

This is indeed the problem I'm talking about and it is a Cygwin problem. I'm
a bash user, so I don't know if it is the same with tcsh or zsh. Basically
the problem is that at one point the subshell is suspended and doesn't receive
the SIGCONT signal which mc sends it - then mc hangs waiting for it to
awake. I think this is a problem/race in Cygwin signal handling - as soon as I
have more free time I'd investigate further.

> 2. MC barks on  'pagefile.sys' :
> ************************************************
> File 'pagefile.sys' exists but can not be stat-ed: Permission denied
> ************************************************
> This is actually a general problem, I saw it on unixes as well, but it is
> very annoying under cygwin.

Yes and some other files in the root of your C:\ drive (or where your
pagefile is).
There are also some other files - hiberfil.sys for example on NT. But you
cant open these files even from windows.

> 4. The border lines are screwed up while running inside DOS box or rxvt.
> Not
> a big deal, but not aesthetic.

Screwed how ? If you use 'graphical' characters ? You can set your CYGWIN
variable to contain codepage:oem - this will fix the problem.

> I would be very happy to take part in cygwin port, I will try to fix the
> editor.

Thanks! :)

Pavel Tsekov

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